You only need to learn the language of your dreams to understand the messages you receive every day in your dreams. They are sent by the unconscious mind, which is the intelligent higher mind and tries to help you overcome all mental illnesses and gain mental health for life.

It’s free with the help of the best doctor you’ve ever found!

Think about it a little bit: without going anywhere and paying nothing to anyone, you can just learn everything about your psychic world, your life, and your future just by translating the meaning of your dreams. This is something you need to take advantage of, especially before doing it to other people, because you will be able to outperform competitors and prepare for your desired future.

But the most important thing is that chronic depression will go away as soon as you learn the language of dreams and be able to understand what the unconscious mind is telling you, which can only be done in two months. Of course, the more you learn, the better. It speaks, and you have to practice, making a lot of dreams come true, but it won’t take long for you to become an expert like me.

For example, here is a dream a young man dreamed of:

“I was going somewhere with my friend and another couple, but something happened when we went there and I don’t know why, I was with each other’s guy who was with me, as if she were my girlfriend.

Then I am at the top of the fishing ramp, looking down and seeing sharks in the water. I’m afraid I can get there. ”

This dream was a warning:

“I was going somewhere with my friend and another couple”

Because it is a dream in which the person the dreamer loves appears, it is a dream that needs to be translated on a conscious level.

“… but something happens when we go there, and I don’t know why I’m with each other, the girl who was with me, the girl, as if she were my girlfriend.”

The dreamer shows up with his friend’s friend because he thinks he can betray a friend and steal a girlfriend, or she may feel attracted to him and betray his boyfriend who seduces him. This is a dangerous situation.

That is why after this scene the dreamer sees sharks at sea, at the fishing ramp. Sharks are at sea, which means insanity because the unknown region of the human psyche hides many dangers, and sharks represent schizophrenia, the worst being mental illness.

All in all, we realize that the unconscious mind has shown the dreamer that if he dares to betray a friend and also his girlfriend to have a relationship with another girl, he will enter a very dangerous field and lose his mental health.

It was a very simple example of how the unconscious mind helps to understand many important things about your life and the world you live in. He sends you alerts all the time to help you avoid the bad and do only what will yield positive results.

You will completely forget about your chronic depression and all the pains of your life as soon as you begin to understand the wise instructions of the unconscious mind.

I have greatly simplified the complex method of interpreting dreams that Carl Jung discovered (which I can prove to be absolutely correct with many scientific discoveries that occurred after his death) that today you can not only easily learn to translate your dreams, but also easily learn to translate everyone’s dreams.

You will learn everything about everyone just because you can understand the meaning of their dreams.

Think about how many horizons this knowledge opens before your eyes, how many advantages you can have because you will know so much about so many people, and about yourself and your future …

This is a new world, a new life, something completely different than you have experienced before!

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