Water is a vital thing and we need to consume it to stay healthy, but when we drink too much, it is known to kill. It was taken home when dizziness and bad feelings forced me involuntarily. Sometimes my legs were too heavy and tired to walk, and my arms felt like they were being pulled out of the socket. My only respite was doing more in the garden with frequent brakes.

During the cold winter months, it is natural to have good leafy green vegetables and the often advertised super food is natural. My patch played them in abundance with great pride and joy. Growing so fast, Bok Choy can pick leaves daily until it thrives. Kale, which never seems hard to grow, and spinach, which are my favorites.

Around the beginning of winter, they became my staples every night. Knowing the benefits they receive from the extraordinary abundance of essential elements and vitamins, microwaves are soon able to eat them.

After a night meal, pamper your stomach with yogurt and blueberries. Delicious and Moorish lick the plate even in front of the cat. Almonds were another staple product that nutritionists recommended for a healthy gut.

So because of all this goodness inside, my body is lowering me. Tired of muscle aches, feelings of nausea, and then the dizziness that often sent me, spins toward the chair.

Doctors, naturopaths, PT coaches and others all suggested different reasons. From stones in the ears to a damaged shoulder, everything was offered, but nothing seemed appropriate.

For me, as a spiritual person, it is normal to consult with the Spirit and they have come thick and fast. Looking at Bok Choy, he waves his beautiful leaves among the other great dishes he has come across. What can make me sick about that vegetable.

It was like poisoning when my brain becomes cloudy and then my body feels wavy. The riddle posted online was soon solved.

Until bok choy, cabbage, spinach and more. is a super food whose components block the growth of cancer and even prevent diabetes, they are high in potassium. Too much of that element’s symptoms exactly match mine. Lethargy, nausea, and dizziness are part of it. Almond milk and nuts are also full of it, as well as milk and other staples, including eggs.

The risk of potassium overload causes heart attacks and other things. The lesson has been learned that too much good healthy food can really kill you. The Great Spirit protected me once again, as did all the spiritual. All you have to do is ask him as a friend for answers, and it rarely drops you down.

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